Birthday SMS for Love for Whatsapp & facebook

 Birthday SMS for Love for Whatsapp & Facebook: Sweetie, happy birthday! Every day, I thank my lucky stars that you are mine and I am yours. Without you, there will be a big hole in my life that can never be filled with anyone else.Birthday SMS for Love Choose special birthday SMS for your love. Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend, Happy Birthday to SMS, Happy Birthday to Boyfriend, Best Birthday SMS for Boyfriend,Birthday SMS for Love Birthday Greetings SMS for Boyfriend When your boyfriend’s birthday is near, you start to wonder how you will greet him.Birthday SMS for Love.Birthday SMS for Love
Here are some ways that you can congratulate that person and realize how much you love him and appreciate that person. Birthday SMS for Love Birthday SMS for Love We Dont Succeed In Our 1st LuV
Coz We Lack Certain Qualites.Birthday SMS for Love

2018 09 21 195301 - Birthday SMS for Love for Whatsapp & facebook
After Achieving Those Qualities,
We Never LuV Again
Strange But True..!! Birthday SMS for Love
True love?
I used 2 believe it existed, but wen u’ve had ur heart torn out & thrown on d floor,u jus dont care anymore..Ask me y I keep on loving..??
I got a x-ray 2 day and they found u in my heart.
the doctor said if they took u out i would die coz i could not
live without u
pyar Se Aakhir Kisko Kyaa Milaa Hai.
Kisi Ko Aansoon Kisi Ko Kafan Milaa Hai.
isi ko pyar kahte hai
Grass Is Green,
My Heart Is Clean,
Sky Is Blue,
My Love Is True. Birthday SMS for Love
Love is sharing the good and the bad,
the hopes and the dreams,
the amusing times and the serious times.
It is doing things together, yet leaving room
for each to grow as an individual.
Love is not an instantaneous emotion,
but something that grows slowly between
two people, maturing with time.
Once love has reached maturity,
there is no stronger bond between two people.Birthday SMS for Love
Love… a small word for such a complex emotion.
There is no simple explanation for it,
because love is made up of many things.
It cannot be measured, because it is a feeling.
Heart may forget to beat
Eyes may forget to blink
Blood may forget to flow
But I cant forget you to love
Because you are something special.
maana k mumkin nahin hai milan apna ,
per is umeed pe baandh rakha hai tujh se dil ka rishta
k shayed takdeer likhty samay dil bhar aaye kaatib-e- takdeer ka
Memories are sweeter than meetings…How far away the person is, their memories will be so close…So love to miss the person whom U like the most….
Think with your heart
Speak with your soul
Touch me and feel
The world become whole
Break down the walls
Keeping you far
Be as in Love as you think you are�..
�my love�
This comes your way with warmest thoughts,
and happy wishes, too�.
To hope your coming days will be filled with
everything that means the most of you�. Birthday SMS for Love

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