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Free Love SMS in Hindi:

Year says to feb 29th”I Miss u 4 years”
sky says to full moon”I Miss u 4 a month”
My heart says 2 u ,”I Miss u Each n Evry Second
there is a lot of birds wishpering only abt u u should once listen to them, then u would know how much i love u
A Time Coming in Ur Life When U Think What Love Really is?
What Ur think is Love or Something Else!
Listen to Ur Mind But Follow Ur Heart..
Free Love SMS in Hindi

People say Im stone hearted
Yes im
Anything writting on stone
Will stay forever
So people who r in my heart
Will remain there forever.
I want that only one thing come between I and U and remain forever..that is LOVE, bcoz i can”t live without u….. so, “I LOVE U”
Best Catching Line …

You Look Almost

…The Only Thing
I Can See
That’s Wrong Is Your

They Are Not Touching
Mine … ^_^
E x c e l l e n t
T h o u g h t

~*~ No One Can
Ever Fail In

We Just Fail To
Choose The
Sumone said
“If U make a wish
that can’t b true,
the Sky will Cry”

…1 Night
I wished my love
to be Mine,
I Smiled n fell Asleep,
I never knew
It rained All Night …
A Tear Drop
Is Insignificant In
Pool Of Water …


It Can Touch The
Soul As It Runs Down
Loved one’s Face …
Mohabat karna humne aap se shikha hai par kya kare galti se aap se hi mohabat karne lage log khete hai pyar main sub kuch map hota hai I MISS YOU