Friendship With Love SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook

Friendship With Love SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook: Why not send dear friendship text messages for your dear friend? How do you show that you love your friends? Smiling? Playing together? Or just call your friends with the word of mouth?

Okay, let’s assume that you sometimes send friendship text messages to them. Friendship With Love SMS Can I ask you what kind of friendship text message? I’m sure they are not as beautiful as my friend’s text messages on the blog. Are you calling me Bluff? listen! I have received amazing friendship text messages here that you want to remember your beloved friendship text messages that you have sent to all your friends!

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laugh loudly! just joking! Friendship With Love SMS If you are sending love loving text messages or you are just sending the best sweet messages and you are looking to get the most beloved friendship for your friends, then this is the perfect post to check.

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Heart touching Quote:-
Force can mak everything possible in world,
But it can’t create single drop of LOVE in any one HEART….
“Beautiful words said by a Boyfrnd to his Girlfrnd:

D next Girl I will Ever Love on this Earth will be our Daughter”
Labo par na sahi lekin, dil mein ikraar hain. Hum to keh chuke ab tum bhi keh do, ki tumko humse pyar hai.
Kya Lamhe Honge Wo Jub Judai Hogi
Teri Aankho Me Meri Parchhai Hogi
Badal Jaye Ye Pal Tu Sochega
Magar zara Soch Kya Me Tujhe Bhul Sakunga.
A Small Boy Found A Tear In His Lover�s Eye, So He Hugged Her.
Still The Girl Continued 2 Cry..
Boy Asked-Y?

The Cute Girl Replied-If 4 Every Tear,
I get A Hug From U Then I Would Cry Forever�.!!
Out of all the things you taught me.. theres still two things i dont
i dont know how to fall out of love with you..
and i dont know how
to let go
You have a heart,
I have mine too if they�re apart,
mine feels really blue if they�re really blue,
I don�t know what to do.
It�s just beats faster and faster! Shouting I LOVE YOU !
�An empty message aslo looks special
when u truly like the person who send u���..
Touching lines by broken heart-
�sometimes i feel that waiting 4 u in my life is like waiting 4 bus at a railway station..�
Nice line said by a
broken heart:
please dont come one
more time infront of
Otherwise again i will
trUst u..
kabhi jajbat to kabhi yadoka jikr kia karte h,kabhi aasu to kabhi dard piya karte h,
Hai hum aapke,tabhi to aapko miss kia karte he..
pal pal se banta hai ehasas ehsas se banta vishwas aur vishwas se banta hai kuch khas jaise aap
Pls Don’t Call Me In My MOBILE
Call Me In My HEART
I Open Direct Line 4 U In My Heart
Take The Numbers
I Love U