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good afternoon sms – good afternoon sms in english, Urdu & Hindi: A nice and decent collection of good afternoon sms for girlfriend and good afternoon sms in english and these romaintic sms are in good afternoon sms in urdu and good afternoon sms for girlfriend in hindi. GoodAfternoon sms messages are usually sent as a good afternoon greeting. Here is the list of Best Good Afternoon SMS from all over the internet for you. So, you can save some time for searching sms. Enjoy! Are you Ready for the best? Read on.

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good afternoon sms for girlfriend

  • As I sit here reminiscing about you, I desire to be with you always, embracing my arms around you today and forever. Good afternoon, I miss you.
  • Seeing those we cherished from afar off, smiles are the first thing we usually present to them as we desire to give them a lot of brightness. Good afternoon.
  • After an amazing dawn, comes a wonderful and beautiful noon, make sure you enjoy your afternoon. I miss and love you. Good afternoon.
  • I will always and forever remember you like this moment, no matter whatever it is that I might be going through. Good afternoon, I miss you.
  • Just as air cannot be touched but can only be felt, so also your love for me. It’s invisible but always with me. Good afternoon, I love you.

good afternoon sms in urdu



Lrrka: pyaar ho jata ha ya krna prrta ha?

Lrrki: agr lrkka khoobsoorat ho to ho jata ha,

Ameer ho to krna prta ha.

Girl: janu aisi koi baat kri jo sun k me dukhi bhi ho jaun or khush bhi,

Boy: u r so Beautiful aunty.

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good afternoon sms in english

  • Most of Shadows of our Life,
    Are caused by standing in our own sunshine,
    Good Afternoon.
  • Do not blame other people. Admit it when you make a mistake and take responsibility.. That’s how you going to reach the top.
    Good Afternoon
  • Sweet things to be remembered,
    Good things to be remembered,
    Nice persons to be remembered,
    The afternoon is the best time for it,
    Just think of me all the above will be get done,
    Good Noon!
  • The Morning spent with your family,
    The afternoon spent with your works,
    The evening spent with your friends,
    The night spent with your dreams,
    All make a perfect day,
    Have a happy noon!

good afternoon sms in hindi

  1. Jab Bhi Mujhe Yaad Tumhari Aati Hai,
    Labo Pe Mere Bas Yahi Fariyaad Aati Hai,
    Zindagi Mein Khuda Har Khushi De Tumhe
    Hamari Toh Har Khushi Aapki Khushi Key Baad Aati Hai..
  2. Itna na sataya karo ke raat bhar na so sake hum,
    Subah ko surkh ankhon ka sabab puchhte hain log,
    Good afternoon.
  3. Dil pyar me bekaraar bhi hota hai,dosti me intezaar bhi hota hai,hoti nahi hai pyar me dosti par,dosti me shaamil pyaar bhi hota hai,,Good afternoon

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