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happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images: First of all we like to wish a very happy birthday to your friend, If you are really searching for best wishes to send with your friends and love ones, then we must say you are on the right place. finally, we manage to prepare the collection of best happy birthday wishes for you all, you surely going to love this place.

happy birthday wishes – birthday wishes

♠♠♠What a joy it has been knowing you! You are beautiful as well as the strongest person I know! Have a ball this birthday

♠♠♠A small wish for you on your birthday my friend. May you get all that you have ever wanted in your life. A very happy birthday.

♠♠♠Don’t regret for the years gone by but look out with positivity and enthusiasm towards the one that will come in your life. Many happy returns of the day.

♠♠♠Birthdays are special days when you learn that you have become a year older and a year wiser. So, keep spreading the pearls of wisdom as long as you can. Happy birthday!!

♠♠♠Its another birthday for u.God picked another petals on ur flower,wishing ur flowers may bloom for year.MANY MANY Happy returns of Day..

♠♠♠happy birthday to u may ur precious heart desire wouldbe fullfill on dis precious day GOD BLESS U

♠♠♠”In the end its not the years in ur life that count. it’s the life in ur years” -Best wishes 4 ur birthday dear.

♠♠♠Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching u with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 u, wish u a Happy BirthDay

♠♠♠May God keep on showering his blessings upon you. May he turn all your dreams into reality. Have a wonderful birthday.

♠♠♠It’s your birthday and time to celebrate. Let’s cut the cake, open the champagne and say cheers to you, turning a year older. Happy birthday! – happy birthday wishes

♠♠♠To my doting; creative; laugh-out-loud daddy…here’s wishing you the happiest birthday ever…with loads of love from me…HAPPY BIRTHDAY

♠♠♠With you, I am bolder, less afraid…ready to take up and conquer my next adventure…Happy Birthday big bro’ Thanks for the exciting life.
happy birthday wishes - happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images

funny birthday wishes

Hey, can you blow out all these candles by yourself or should I call our local fire department to help you in this regard.

See how many candles on your cake. You’ll have to blow them out only by sniffing. Ha ha!

Hey, no matter how old have you become today, just make sure that you don’t forget that where you kept the car keys. Good luck!

I haven’t brought any cake for you. Because I know you love this bottle of champagne more. Happy birthday. – happy birthday wishes

There are plenty of years that I can remember for those history classes in our schools. But, the bad news is I can’t remember your birth date as it wasn’t on our course. May be I’m late, but happy birthday.

♠♠♠The room is getting hotter, please blow the candles before your room gets on fire.

♠♠♠It’s cold out there, but I feel much warm for your candles. How hot your birthday is.

♠♠♠Too many birthday means, you are getting closer to death. It’s scientifically proven, not my own words.

♠♠♠Quickly blow all the candle before the room catches fire. This huge amount of candle on the cake makes the room hotter. Happy Birthday hottie!!

♠♠♠I made a special cake for your Birthday. But, I cannot place Candles on it. If I place, I have to call Fire department immediately to extinguish this huge firehouse.

♠♠♠I good to stay young, but with every birthday you are getting older. Don’t worry, just chill. Make your Birthday special.

♠♠♠This SMS is free from extra fat, cholesterol, and additives. It is totally organic, but it is full of sugar. This SMS is as sweet as the person reading it. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

♠♠♠At an age of 40, it’s an achievement to remember where the keys are! Whether it is in Bathroom? In Toilet? In kitchen? All the best for future! Happy Birthday to you!!

♠♠♠Did you remember that happy, funny, colorful day of young age? It always feels awesome when you can recall those memories. – happy birthday wishes

happy birthday wishes 2 - happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images


birthday wishes for friend

  • ♠♠♠Also note all the below wishes on happy birthday were free copy and share with your friends and love ones. So without getting into any other query, let’s simply jump into the collection, enjoy.
  • ♠♠♠Happy birthday to you my friend; You bring so much joy to my heart!
  • ♠♠♠All I wish for you is a thousand reasons to smile.
  • ♠♠♠Happy Birthday to someone who defines being exceptionally articulate and overwhelmingly smart. Have fun!
  • ♠♠♠Happy Birthday to someone who defines being exceptionally articulate and overwhelmingly smart. Have fun!
  • ♠♠♠You should be proud of your age. This year you are wiser, smarter and very close to reaping the benefits of senior discounts at restaurants.
  • ♠♠♠Having friends never has been more awesome! You truly are a great person to have around, even when you eat everything on the table. We still love you anyway! Happy birthday!
  • ♠♠♠You see, you should not be ashamed of growing old, not only you get to play the smart guy all the time, but all antiques like you also have great value! Happy birthday old man!
  • ♠♠♠My dearest friend, I know that you will love the gift I have bought you for tonight, but knowing your craving for sugar, you will probably be too busy stuffing your face with your own birthday to appreciate it. Happy birthday! – happy birthday wishes
  • ♠♠♠Remembering all the dumb stuff we’ve done throughout the years, I’m considering myself lucky you still are alive to celebrate another year of being reckless. But that is what makes you yourself, so never stop doing dumb stuff with me, my friend. Happy birthday!
  • ♠♠♠No matter how much good food we’ve eaten these past years. Nobody has come close to your cooking. So do everyone a favor and wish to become a chef when you blow out these candles. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for daughter

  1. This day is truly a special day for us because this is the day when we first had a glimpse on our angel. Have a lovely birthday our dear daughter!
  2. To our beloved daughter, you have always made us very proud and for that, we are forever grateful. Best Birthday to you!
  3. No matter how old you are, for us, you will always be our little angel. Have a brilliant birthday dear one!
  4. You are certainly the most beautiful gift that we have received in our lifetime. Wonderful Bday to the most wonderful daughter in the whole world!
  5. Happy birthday to you, our little angel! Our wish is for you to love life and to never cease dreaming. May you always be surrounded with beauty and happiness!
  6. We feel so proud and happy to see how much our little girl has grown to become such a fine young lady. On your birthday, we wish that more love and blessings will come on your way. Happy Birthday!
  7. May you continue to put smile in our faces and be a constant reminder that we did a very good job in raising you. – happy birthday wishes
  8. You are my shining star.

  9. I am proud beyond words. I hope today is magnificent.


thank you for the birthday wishes

  • Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. You helped make it a very happy birthday. Much love.
  • Thank you to all my friends for the birthday wishes, gifts, laughs, weird birthday jokes, and everything. I keep our more than 20 years of friendship and love in my heart. You guys are too much. Love you all. See you later!
  • I just wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” to everyone for all of the birthday wishes. It means a lot to me that you all took time from your busy lives to wish me a happy birthday. I feel very blessed to have each and every one of you as my friends.
  • Hi everyone! Thank you for all your birthday greetings. Yes, another long year and another number added to my age, but it is still great to hear from all of you out there. I hope you are all doing well. I will get in touch with each and everyone soon. – happy birthday wishes
  • Thank you so much to all my friends and family that wished me a happy birthday. Special thanks to all my friends who are currently globetrotting who still made the effort. I got messages from South Africa, England, France, Morocco, and Canada! Love you all.
  • Thank you for my birthday messages. It’s definitely been a birthday to remember.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts . . . and for those who didn’t do anything, shame on you!
  • First, I want to thank God for my life! Thank you to all who wished me a wonderful birthday. I love you all!
  • Thank you very much for all the superb birthday wishes. They really mean a lot to me.
  • Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! I had a great day, got spoiled by my entire family, and feel very blessed to have such great people in my life
  • Thank you to all the people who greeted me on my birthday yesterday and today.

happy birthday wishes 3 - happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images


birthday wishes for sister

  1. Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  2. Happy bday to the coolest sister ever! You always know how to cheer me up and make my day brighter, love you!
  3. It is a true blessing to have such a fun, smart and caring sister like you. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love most!
  4. It‘s so great to have such an amazing sister like you in my life. Congratulations of your birthday! Stay cool!
  5. You are like eating box chocolate: sweet, generous and undeniably amazing.
  6. My loving sister, I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a friend whom I’ll be loving throughout my entire life! Happy Birthday! – happy birthday wishes
  7. The most heartfelt wishes to my incredible sister! You mean so much to me, cutie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!
  8. If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much
  9. “Happy birthday to my sister – the one who taught me that the best accessory is a pair of glittery underwear.”
  10. 6. “Happy birthday to my amazing, talented and beautiful sister!”
  11. 7. “It’s great to know that you’re more than just my sister. You’re my best friend, too. Through good times and bad – whenever I really need you – you’ve always been there. I’ll always be there for you, too. Happy birthday, sis.”
  12. 8. “We may fight, argue and annoy each other, but you will always be my BFF. Love you through thick and thin. Happy birthday!”
  13. 9. “If only everyone had an amazing sister like you. The world would be a much better place. Happy birthday!”
  14. Your simple words can bring a smile on my face, can keep me laughing always. Happy Birthday
  15. All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes 4 - happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images

birthday wishes for son

  • Sons like you must be called “suns” since you literally bring sunshine into our lives. Happy Bday!
  • On your birthday, we wish you nothing but happiness and luck. We pray that all your dreams will be fulfilled and that you will soar ahead towards the direction of success. Wonderful Birthday, our beloved son and all the best birthday wishes for son from mother!
  • Dear son, you know we are an old school so we will give you a hug on your birthday instead of greeting you on your Facebook wall. We will sing you the Best Birthday song instead of sending you tweet on Twitter. Happy birthday! We love you! – happy birthday wishes
  • No matter how old you have grown, our love for you will always be shown. No matter where you go, we will send you best wishes, too! And no matter how successful you will become, you will still remain our little baby son. Wonderful Bday!
  • A son like you gives us a reason to stay happy and proud each day, thank you! Happy Birthday!
  • I always wish to become a role model for my son. But I never imagined that you my son will become a role model for me instead. Best bday, my beloved son!
  • Every day I thank God for giving me an incredible child. I am so proud of you. Best birthday wishes for my son!
  • Thank you for being such a great son. I am truly proud of you. Happy birthday!
  • You are a treasure from above, who brings me so much joy and love. Happy birthday son!
  • You are my pride and joy, a man after my own heart. Happy birthday son!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, we get the “parents of the year” award, and it’s all thanks to you.
  • Happy birthday to an awesome son who has a beautiful mother, handsome father and rock star parents!
  • One thing you can look forward to as you get older is that you’ll look as good and amazing as your parents. Happy birthday son!

happy birthday wishes 5 - happy birthday wishes | birthday wishes with Images


birthday wishes for brother

  1. here’s no place I’d rather be than in your shadow. Happy Birthday to the shadow test older brother in the world!
  2.  Being younger than you hasn’t always been easy, but I have to say there’s nothing more satisfying than beating you in literally anything. Happy Birthday!
  3.  For your birthday (and for a change), I was going to teach you something useful, so I thought of calculus. But then I decided you probably didn’t want a calculus lesson, so I’m NOT going to teach you calculus. Happy Birthday!
  4.  For your birthday, I’m going to treat you like you’ve always treated me. Just think about that for a second. Happy Birthday!
  5.  To everyone else you may be my elder brother, but to me you are simply my hero. Never change.
  6.  Remember all those silly fights we had growing up? Haha I’m laughing about them now but seriously, did you steal my legos that one time. That was NOT COOL. Happy Birthday!
  7.  Happy birthday to the man who first taught me how to put underpants on my head. I’m looking forward to many more lessons from you in the future.
  8.  You’ve proven me wrong so many times before, little brother. I will never under-underestimate you again. Happy Birthday!
  9.  You inspire me to be a better person. Thanks for being a great older brother. Happy Birthday! P.S. Can I borrow money for dinner tonight? I swear I’ll pay you back . . .
  10.  Thank you for being my older brother and taking some of the pressure off of me. I owe you one, bro. Happy Birthday!
  11. 35. You’ve already taught me so much as my older brother. Now I’m learning from you on how (not) to age gracefully. Happy Birthday!
  12.  You’re one of the most important men in my life. I’m lucky to count you not only as my brother, but as my role model and my friend. Happy Birthday!

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