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Latest SMS Jokes for Whatsapp & Facebook:We are happy to share with Facebook with our visitors, the most funny jokes and smile to share with small-liner jokes. Life has little fun till you have the time and the best jokes! Below you will find some hilarious and funny jokes for Facebook, which is very fun and enables anyone to get out on the blink of an eye too. Share these funny jokes to Facebook with friends and even lollify them Latest SMS Jokes.

2018 09 21 130835 - Latest SMS Jokes for Whatsapp & Facebook

Teasing Joke SMS








oops, sorrynga
Wrong number!
Student Exam Funny Message
Introducing T20 format in exams

*Reduce exam time by 1hr and marks by 50
*Intrduce breaks after each 15 min
*Give free hit marks for omited questions

*1st 30 mins power play no suprvisor in the class

*Cheer girls in evry class.
They’ll dans after finishin every page;-)
Teasing Good Morning SMS
A rose is alwz a rose whether its in a golden pot or in d clay pot,
Same way u r alwz my friend whether ur frm african forest r frm local zoo!!
good morning my dear:-)
Problem, Talent and Luck SMS
2 boys love 1 girl = Problem
1 boy love 2 girls = Talent
2 girls love 1 boy = Luck
Submitted by Keeranur on 21-Nov-2009

Important SMS
Please don’t
forget to

”Close your eyes”
Good Night.. Latest SMS Jokes.
SMS Joke
Hai! ZOznznzumz zilzlza eznz zpzezczha zkezkzuzrzizyzaza zizlzlzaziyzaznzuz ztzezzsztz zpzanznzeznz..!..! Delete all “Z”.. its very interesting….
Student Exam Jokes
Student life before exam day-?
9am-wakeup, thinking to score centum?
10am-breakfast?? 11am-thinking to score 80??
In afternoon, lunch &sleep
5pm-Evening tea Thinking to score 60?
After dinner-Kadavule..?pass panni vitudu..!? Latest SMS Jokes.

Dedicated to all students:-)
Happy student life!!

College SMS Joke
Japanese Proverb:
If one Can do it,
U too Can do it.
If none Can do it,
U must do it.

College version:
If one Can do it,
let him do it.
Especially you…..
if none can do it,
leave it.