New Love Message for Whatsapp & facebook

New Love Message for Whatsapp & Facebook: When a couple has been together for many years, to get attracted to being romantic, there is a lot of wealth of experiences and shared emotions. Those couples who have just met, or perhaps want to develop a deep relationship, is not true for them. Over time, couples can be open, open and honest to share the most intimate feelings. Let’s say thank you for a beautiful first date, or feel the need to tell you to have a desire to see each other. New Love Message Safety against the highly effective string of sweetness, these sweet words are sometimes hard to find.

2018 09 23 071342 - New Love Message for Whatsapp & facebook

Nobody can be so strong to scare the object of his desire, but leaving these words without any condition can mean losing the opportunity forever. New Love Message The carefully chosen short poem or phrase of carefully prepared creates creativity, emotion, but most often the desire to come closer. So, go ahead, using the following phrases as a guide, send that love message to your first love. Who knows? It may be some big start.

*._ MISS _.*.__.*
Hamesha MUSKURATE raho
*.__.*.__.*.__.* in stars ki trha
Click down if U miss me

Oh! It means U miss me

Wao U miss me a lot

U realy miss me?

Chal bas v kar hun!

K mobile vichon nikal aawan?
You may find someone better than me,

important than me,

dearer than me,

but not the one

who miss you more that me..
I know you are so so busy.

But�Take� 3 Seconds to think of me

1� �

2� �


So Sweet. now continue your work..

sky is very high,

but that is blue,

I am missing somebody,

that is you.
Excuse Me

Is someone care about me?

Is someone has feelings for me?

I am the only person who misses everyone.

Who will miss me?

Please Miss me.
Another day has gone,
I am still alone.
How could this be,
you are not here with me.
Every day I think & get the feeling.
Something whisper in my ears &
say am here with you.
you are not alone.
1 purani haveli ke band kamre me Dhool se bhari tasveer ke peechhe lage jaale me Phansi makari ki dum par baithe machchhar ki Kasam.

..�i miss u�..
bohat chahti hai mujhe, par iqrar nahi karti

woh pagal hai ya nadan, kyun izhar nahi karti

English mein kehti hai �I LOVE YOU�

Urdu mein kehti hai � MEIN TUM SE PYAR NAHI KARTI�
Don’t stand too much in front of MIRROR.
Even da Mirror will fall in Love wid U
U r so Cute & Dashing..

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