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Nice Lines SMS: love and Friendship SMSOve and friendships
Beautiful quotes:
There can not be any friends after being lover, but if they are friends again after being lover then they are the best friends in the world ..
Good afternoon ..
Good SMS Nice Lines SMS
Finish thank you with a thankful heart. Remove all your worries, the sorrows are separated. Sorry for a moment, thank god for this day, he took care of you 🙂

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Avery message is a sign of remembering
Avery tear is a sign of commitment .. Avery silence is a sign of compromise .. Everybody is a sign of smile annex .. Avery is a sign of remembering the message ..
Beautiful quote:
No one can be friends after being lovers but if they are friends again after being lovers they are the best friends in the world..
Gud noon..
Good SMS
End the day with a thankful heart.Let all your worries, sorrows be swept aside.Smile a moment n thank God for this day He cared for you:-)
Evry msg is a sign of remembrance
Evry tear is a sign of commitment.. Evry silence is a sign of compromise.. Evry smile is a sign of attachment.. Evry msg is a sign of remembrance..
Submitted by Kishore Kumar (kanna) on 22-Feb-2010

Nice SMS
My msgs r just like RAIN
1 day it’ll INCREASE
1 day it’ll DECREASE

May b

1 day it’ll DISAPPEAR

but nvr DIES.
Anytime it’ll
comeback.! ::-)good morning
Special SMS
Butterflies dont know d color of their wings but v know it. Likewise u dont know how sweet u r but I know how special u r to me.
Good Night:-*
Sweet Dreams:-*
Beautiful SMS
Input Seed
Output Fruit,

Input Love
Output Pain,

Input Hardwork
Output Success,

Input ATM Card
Output Money,

Input My Sms
Output Ur Smile!
Gud Mrng
Lovely SMS
Road has speed
Bank has money
Exam has Time
Building has hight
But love has
NO limit.
Only revit.
Good evng.
Sweet SMS
Mobiles r irritating
Daily chargin
Monthly rechargin
Anythin beeps always disturbin
But stil I love my mobile, becoz it connects-“U & Me” .
Shakespeare SMS
Late decisions
are equal to
wrong judgements…
– Shakespeare..
Inspiring SMS
Achiever words:
“I Never See What has been Done;
I Only See What Remains to be Done”
Confidence SMS
Confidence comes naturally with success. But,success comes only to those,who are confident. So,hold ur days with great confidence “Gud ni8
SMS Proverb
A nice proverb-
“There is no use of running fast
when you are on the wrong road…”
So, first choose a correct way In Ur Life!
Slice of Life SMS
Just Imagine The Moment:-
🙂 If a small cute BABY touches ur face and laughs when u go near..
🙂 If Ur Loved Ones Hug U Tightly & Say I Love u..
🙂 If someone appreciates your beauty and talents..
🙂 If Ur Close Friend Says ‘Tat You r My Best Friend’..
🙂 If u r In a Sea Shore Wit Your beloved, He/She Holds Ur Hands tightly n Lays On Your Shoulder & Say ‘u r a Valuable Gift In My Life’..
Let all your imaginations come true.. . Happy morning and have a Gud sunday…..
Good SMS
” Hurting others is easy like cutting trees….But making one happy is very difficult like growing tree….”
Nice SMS
Control your
because it is just ONE LETTER away from
“D”ANGER”… Good nit:-)
Biscuit Love
Biscuit Love:

Dear ‘MARIE’
Today is ‘GOOD DAY’
Plz..dont play ‘HIDE&SEEK’
by,’TIGER’ Nice Lines SMS
Submitted by jegathk on 14-Feb-2010

Submitted by MOTO KRISHNA VIJAYAWADA on 10-Feb-2010

Life track SMS
life is a path full of thorns ,
but it has a sweet region known as love……
Submitted by praveen on 09-Feb-2010

Absence is the best presence..
Because if somebody is absent
then u miss them and if u miss them that means they are present in your heart GOOD EVENING
Submitted by SANTHOSH on 09-Feb-2010

smile say i like U
kiss say i live U
boy say i marry U
Submitted by whitemoon(vennila) from mumbai on 09-Feb-2010

Some like one…
some like two…
i like one …
that is u…..
Submitted by Siva on 05-Feb-2010

Nice Lines SMS
If people criticise you, Hurt you,or shout at you.

Don’t be bothered,
Just remember.

“In every game
audience make noise, not the players”
((Gud Nite))
sun say i like u
kiss say i love u
boys say i marry u
i say god bless u
Submitted by vennila in (mumbai) india on 01-Feb-2010

Success SMS
What is Success….?
In Simle Words….
Changes To “AUTOGRAPH”
That Is Success!
Submitted by a.m.mahalakshmi on 30-Jan-2010

Good Friend
A good friend is one who can see first eye drop.
Catches the second drop.
Stops the third drop and make the fourth drop into smile.
Submitted by padma on 27-Jan-2010

Just advice SMS
Do not interrupt or modify the way you are you going. Everything evolves and events run continuously towards their final goal. This movement is positive, live it with self-awareness and you will face all great and small difficulties with ease.

Submitted by saravanajohn on 25-Jan-2010

Friendship Good Morning SMS
Friendship-Heart is like a crystal preserve it,
Love is like a perfume spread it,
Feelings are like flood flow it,
Friendship is like umbrella come lets share it.
gud mrng hav a nice day
Good Morning Quote
Nothing can be changed by changing the face, but
everything can be changed by facing the change.
Go ahead with confidence!
Life Is yours… Good morn:)
Unbeatable Words SMS Nice Lines SMS
To die in love for someone is not the big thing.
To live wit that pain with smile forever is the great real achievement.
Life SMS
“When God drops u from the edge of a hill,
Don’t hate him, He may not catch u,
But he will teach u how to fly”;
That is life.
Gud Nite. Swt drm.
Honest Lines SMS Nice Lines SMS
Don’t feel for who’s going away from you, but keep this in mind don’t give chance for lovable one to go away from you.. Gud morning have a cool day
Everybody want to go to heaven,
but nobody wants to die…