SMS 140 Words Hindi Love for Whatsapp & Facebook

SMS 140 Words Hindi Love for Whatsapp & Facebook: When it comes to love, it can not sustain itself. It should be tender and very cautious with tender, dedication and loyalty. Being honest is a condition in any relationship and what is the best way to build a foundation based on certain promises made from the heart. Although no special day is enough to keep those promises, yet it is a special opportunity for your loved ones to know that you care and love them.

February is the month of romance, and it is not limited to just one day. Now, couples celebrate for the whole week, each day a special day – Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day and finally, sign of Valentine’s Day!

And when this is Promise Day, then burn your love again with more dedication and enthusiasm. It is true that with the time of passing we are still not busy in hand, take a few minutes and tell your loved ones what they mean and always promise to stay there.

Most hurtful words said to a ” true engineer lover ” by his Girlfriend – ” Clear your Backs before talking to me…!” 😉
My World Of living is Different Because My World is Different ,, BT How Can My World May Be Different, When My World Is ‘ U ‘ ….!!!!!!!!!!2018 09 20 232322 - SMS 140 Words Hindi Love for Whatsapp & Facebook
I Dont Know ‘Your’ God,
I Dont Know ‘My’ God,
I only KnoW ‘OUR’ God.. “God Is One” and He Cares For All !!!
Tajmahal Dard Ki Imarat H Jiske Neeche Dafan Kisi Ki Mohabbat H
Khuda Bando Per Karam Itna Karna
Kisi Ki Mohabbat Ko Patthar Me Dafan Na Krna
Zindagi Me Ek bat Hmesha Yad rakhna

kisike Sath Pyar Se Mazak Zarur Karna Pra kabhi Kisike Sath Mazak Se Pyar Na Karna
“Pyar” ek aisa word h…
Ladka smjhe to ldki nhi smjti.
Or ldki smjhe to ladka nhi smjta..
or agar dono smjhe to ye duniya wale nhi smjte…
the only time am not thinking about you is when am sleeping,becoz thats when in dream of you
uv been called b4 cupids court 4 stealin my heart.trespassin in my dreams & robin me of my senses.uv been sentened 2 a lifetime wiv me- how do u plead
Success hurts when you dont have a loved one to share it with but failure also looks beautiful wen u have a loved one to hug
kaas ham apka mobile number kam se kam aapko yaad to rahte.aur agar aap usse badal bhi hamse bichhadne ki khabar sabko dete.
it hurts when u talk 2 someone else and not 2 ME,it hurts more when some1 else makes U smile and i cant…!
Never take too much care on someone , Because Yo won’t be able to stand the pain when they start avoiding you
In my mind she isnt worth anything, but in my heart she is worth everything
Mila nahi ab tak wo
jise main khwabo me talash karta hu
phir bhi raat bhar usike
khwabo me duba rehta hu
yahi hai shayad pyar ka asar
isliye dinbhar itna khoya rehta hu
The touching line said by a person who has been hurt a lot……

“All have fooled me because i loved them like mad”