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SMS Collection in English for Whatsapp &Facebook: SMS Collection in English contains some of the best ever SMS jokes, Good Morning SMS quotes, txt message forwards and romantic text forwards SMS Collection in English.

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Next generation LKG poem
Drinking Drinking little BEER
How i wonder what a BAR
Quarter rates r up so HIGH
Drink a peg with chicken Fry!
ha ha
Teacher Student SMS
Student in practical
Examiner: C the bird leg & tell its name
Stud:i dont know.
Exmr: u r failed. Wats ur name?SMS Collection in English.
Stud: C my leg &tell. Students rocks.
Smart SMS
S pecific
M easurable
A ction oriented
R ealistic
T ime bound
Submitted by shobirams on 20-Jan-2010

Love is a Cigarette
Love is a Cigarette
Begining it was bright
Last end it was ash
Love & Cigarette
Injurious your Health
Submitted by Chinna on 19-Dec-2009

Smallest Love Story
“She smiled, He died…”
Submitted by T.S.K., on 18-Dec-2009

Sweet Goodnight Message SMS Collection in English.
Catch your “Sleeping xpress”. Your train will be reaching “Niceday” station by tomorow morning. Close your eyes & travel in “Golden dreams” coach. Good night….
SMS Collection Message
Take the date u
born x 4
x 25
+month u born
x 2
x 50
+last 2 digit of the
year u born
Notice something ! Its interesting !
Gud Nite Message
END is not end.
In fact E..N..D is
Effort Never Dies.

NO is not denial.
N..O.. is
Next Opportunity.

Always be positive
Gud nite
Exam SMS
NEW Way of writing Answer in xams.
If u dont know d ans den put lines like dis

and write below..

“Scratch here 4 ANSWERS”
Gud Nite..
Rainy Day SMS
‘ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’ ,’
‘ ,’ ,’ ,’HAPPY,’ ,’ ,’ ,’
‘, ‘ ,’ ,’rainy,’ ,’ ,’ ,’
,’ ,’ ,’ ,’,DAY,’ ,’ , ‘
ENJOY this cooling CLIMATE..!
Good morning B-)
Rude SMS Text Message
When u were born.

The clouds parted

Sun shined


God appeared in front of all people
“sorry for the mistake..
Kindly adjust..!
Student SMS
In How many days a 500page book can be read.




STUDENT-“One night before the exam”

That is “Studentspower’
Best SMS
Do you know which all things makes life more memorable?

[Powercut on the night before exam]

[Enjoying a boring movie with friends]

[Dancing in the shower on a hot day]

[Caught by traffic policeman when u Dont have license]

[Nil balance in ur phone when ur beloved gives u a miss cal]

And finally
[A long walk with ur friend on a lonely road]SMS Collection in English.

2018 09 21 133542 - SMS Collection in English for Whatsapp & Facebook

Life is alwayz beautiful…!
Forget all worries. !
Live these moments….! Gud morning
Decent SMS
To make 1Kg of Honey,
Bees have to go 4 million flowers.
Work Hard to reach ur Goal. ” No pain
No gain”…Gud Nite
Teasing SMS
FLASH NEWS: “Orbit-White” Chewing Gum Buffalo is Dead..
Company Searching for a New Buffalo
So,u b careful. Don’t go outside.Most Imp:Don’t smile.

Life SMS
3 Stupid Stages in LIFE

Have Time &Energy But No Money

Have Money &Energy But No Time

Have Time &Money But No Energy:)good nit
Man asked god:
Give me evrythng to enjoy d life.

God smiled n replied
"i have given you the life to enjoy everything"

Submitted by G.Nagarajan on 06-Nov-2009

Decent SMS
Silent in face may avoid many problems..
smile in face may solve all the problems.
So always have a sweet,
smile.. dear..:-)
Inspiring SMS Quote
“Do or die” Is old concept
“Do before you die” Is new concept
“Don’t die, until you do” Is youth concept….
Gud nyt…
Best SMS
The Biggest Suspense of Life is :
“We Know for Whom We are Living….”
“But We Never Know, Who is Living for Us..”
Love SMS
“CRY” is a love detecter.
When someone makes u cry it shows how much U love them and if someone cries for U it shows how much They love u..

we both are friends rite.?

Have i ever done something harmful to you.?

Or did i speak something bad about you to others.?

Then why the hell did you do this to me.?

Why didnt you tell that you were going to leave me alone.?

– words spoken by a man in front of his friend’s dead body..

a mark of true friendship.SMS Collection in English.

send it 2 “only” ur true friends even 2 me if i am one of them.
the num u get back r d num of true frnds u hav…gud night
Colorful Goodmorning SMS
Milk is white..!
Tree is Green..!
Sea is Blue..!
Sun is yellow..!
“U” are RED..!
‘U’ ‘R’ “My Blood”
Good morning have a nice day
Friendship Good Night SMS
Sweet roses are easy to catch,
Sweet words are easy to speak,
But sweet friend are hard to get,
my good luck,
I got YOU.SMS Collection in English.
Good night have sweet dreams
Miss you SMS
A simple Bye make us cry,
A simple Joke make us laugh,
simple Care make us fall in love.
I hope my simple SMS make you think of me.
I Miss U…:-)
Friendship Text Message SMS
Far or near
u r my dear..

Young or old
u r my gold..

East or west
u r my best..

Ugly or cute
u r my sweet..

Start or End
u r my FRIEND.
Lovely SMS SMS Collection in English.
The Geniune meaning for love:-

once, there was a big fire accident at amazon forest. After that, the forest officers went there to find the situation. here, they saw one HEN died on standing, the officer pushed the hen through his stick. the hen slowly fell down…. suddenly the officers were shockd?….

because, they had seen 11 chickens staying safely inside the mother’s wing!!!!
nothing can be larger than mother’s love.,..
Love U mom!…
Loving SMS
Sun cant come to earth,
But send love as rays..
Cloud cant come to river,
But send love as rain..
I cant come to see U now,
But send my care as msg.
Gud night
General Knowledge SMS
A mosquito can fly in rain witout gettin wet.
Its d only living bein tat can fly correctly in btwn 2 rain drops.
Gud morning
Inspiring SMS Quote
Every problem is like a big door.SMS Collection in English.
Surely there is a solution like a small key which can open it easily.
Find the key.SMS Collection in English.
Life is simple.
Live it beautiful!
Funny Good Night SMS
Read it in english……………….222 222 222 222 2222

didnt understand?

It’s the
docomo tune;-)

GooD NighT:-)
Friendship Good Morning SMS
My feelings for u have never changed



“My lovely Friend” Good Morning
Good Morning SMS
Flower remembers “bee”
Fish remembrs “water”
Tree remembrs the “rain”
Child remembrs “mother”
At this moment I remember “U” To say…
good morning  SMS Collection in English.