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2018 09 21 190452 - Sweet SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook

Relationship is like a mirror
it can be broken easily
but friendship is like a mountain
it cannot be break or shake

Submitted by keerthana on 29-Nov-2009

I Love U 143 MEANING
MEANING of 143

but a true LOVE says it
I CARE YOU…………….
Submitted by AnithaPrabakar(sankarankovil) on 27-Nov-2009

Friendship for ever
Be a poet when you are alone
Be a king when you are command
Be a scientist when you work
Be a history when you die
Be a friend till i die.
Submitted by Rushanthi on 23-Nov-2009

Sweet Text Msg
Whenever u feel 99% bored
55% lonely
13% angry
22% worried
10% sad
11% confused
Dont worry.
Just put those numbers together and call me.
I m there always.
Sweet Friendship Text Message
So many hands in 1 tiffin box.

So many Frnds in 1 bench.

So many calls on 1 b’day Nit.

So many tears 4 1 little fight.

So many memories in 1 little Heart.

Dont miss ur frnds..
Keep in touch:-)
Friendship Message
Friendship is the rainbow between two hearts.
Sharing 7 feelings.
love +sad +happy +truth +faith +secret +helping = friendship
Good Evening
Nice SMS Quote
Smile is a language of love
Smile is to win the hearts
Smile improves your personality
SO SMILE always.
Nice SMS Quote
Each successful person has a painful story. Each painful story has a Successful ending.
Accept the pain and Taste the success.
Sweet Good Morning Message
A single lovable smile is a proper key for many solutions and many confusions.!

So express ur cute smile every moment.
Smile for Ever.
gud morning.
Smile Message
If you are not using your smile then you are a person with million dollars in the bank having no check book.
Good Night Sweet Message
May be i’m not d �mportant person �n ur life.!
But � just hope that one day when u hear my name u would just smile n say i had a fr��nd in dis name.
Good night.

Sweet SMS
If you are not using your smile then you are a person with million dollars in the bank having no check book.
Prayer Msg
The best medicine in the world without any side effect is a ”smiling face”.
I will pray that this medicine must be always with u smile Plz…happy rainy evening
Sweet SMS
Science has proved that sugar melts in water.. So please dont walk in the rain, i may lose a sweet friend like U. 🙂
Thoughtful SMS
Only 2 Persons are Very Happy in this world
1 is MAD
another is CHILD
Be a MAD to
achieve what u
be a CHILD
enjoy what u
Gud morn…….
Feelings SMS
I FEEL the FEEL u FEEL.?Do u FEEL the FEEL I FEEL??If u FEEL the FEEL I FEEL,?I too FEEL the FEEL u FEEL?Hey! Dont FEEL!? If u FEEL I’ll also FEEL..

Friendship SMS
is just like
” W A T E R ”
No colour,
No shape,
No place,
No taste,
No end.
But is still essential
for living.
So, Have it
forever..good even�ng
Lovely SMS
1.loving frnd avoiding u without reason.
2.HOD sitting near u during college tour.
3.dear one suddenly stopped msging u.
4.10 mark bit asked for 2 marks.
5.frnd caling on b’day n not wishing.
6.deleting this msg without frwding it to ur loving frns.
Cofee SMS
)) ((
_((_ _))_
__/? __/?
One for you,
Other for me!
Gud mrng!.. Have a nice day..
Good Friends Text Message
Superb Thought 4 all those
who luv their FRIENDs-

A good Friend never allows u 2 do wrong things..


So lets rock B-)together….
good morning
Good Night SMS
Love is not a life…
there is no life without love…
I dont say to fall in love..
But i am saying 2 feel the love……
good night………
Sweet Loving SMS
My friendship
is not like
which comes &goes away .
My friendship is like
sometimes silent ,
but always around you .
Sweet Good Evening SMS
I smile at whom i like…
I cry for whom i care…
I share with whom i love…
I laugh with whom i enjoy…
I msg whom i dont want to miss…
Good Eve 🙂

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