The 365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile

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365%2Bdays%2Bfacebook%2Bwhatsapp%2Bstatus - The 365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


1. Cloudy mornings bring clear evenings. [Tweet it]


2. Be slow to promise but quickly to perform. [Tweet it]


3. Times is the greatest healer. [Tweet it]


4. Actions speak louder than words. [Tweet it]


5. A full purse never lacks friends. [Tweet it]


6. Mother’s love is uncomparable. [Tweet it]


7. Roses have their thorns. [Tweet it]


8. One flower makes no garland. [Tweet it]


9. No pain, no gain. [Tweet it]


10. Money is a good servant but a bad master. [Tweet it]


11. When fortune smiles take the advantage. [Tweet it]


12. When in Rome do as the Romans. [Tweet it]


13. One swallow does not make a spring Union is strength. [Tweet it]


14. An empty purse frights away friends. [Tweet it]


15. Speech is silver but silence is gold. [Tweet it]


16. Water seeks its own leve. [Tweet it]


17. Better do it than wish it done. [Tweet it]


18. Speech is the image of action. [Tweet it]


19. Half a loaf is better than nothing. [Tweet it]


20. Time and tide waits for none. [Tweet it365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


21. What may be done at any time is done at no time. [Tweet it]


22. Much pains, little gains. [Tweet it]


23. Borrowed garments never fit well. [Tweet it]


24. Beware of silent dogs and still water. [Tweet it]


25. Books without the knowledge of life are useless. [Tweet it]


26. Take care of the pound, the pound will take care of themselves. [Tweet it]


27. Much ads about nothing. [Tweet it]


28. Profuse in promise but slow in deeds. [Tweet it]


29. Few offend by silence but a prattling. [Tweet it]


30. tongue is always trout le some. [Tweet it]


31. Full of courtesy, full of crafts. [Tweet it]


32. Pain is the outcome of sin. [Tweet it]


33. A good name is better than riches. [Tweet it]


34. When crow flies its tail follows. [Tweet it]


35. You cannot draw blood from a stone. [Tweet it]


36. You cannot wash a black moor white. [Tweet it]


37. Necessity turns lion into fox. [Tweet it]


38. Better a small fish than an empty dish. [Tweet it]


39. Necessity sharpens industry. [Tweet it]


40. A self-evident truth need not be advertised. [Tweet it]


41. Truth has a fast bottom. [Tweet it]


42. Truth prevails. [Tweet it]


43. 1 will either make a bolt or shaft of it. [Tweet it]


44. Necessity has no law. [Tweet it]


45. Some are refined like gold, in the furnace of affliction. [Tweet it]


46. Blood is thicker than water. [Tweet it]


47. No one can rise without support. [Tweet it]


48. Pride is an ill horse to ride. [Tweet it]


49. Pride in a beauty is like a spot in a diamond. [Tweet it]


50. No flying without wings. [Tweet it]


51. United we stand, divided we fall Unity. [Tweet it]


52. Disease brings on wreck and rain. [Tweet it]


53. Gold shines brighter, the more it is heated. [Tweet it]


54. It is a good fish, if it were but caught. [Tweet it]


55. Keep a thing for seven years and you will find a use for it. [Tweet it]


56. Patience always pays. [Tweet it]


57. Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet. [Tweet it]


58. Patience, perseverance overcome mountain. [Tweet it]


59. All things come to him who waits. [Tweet it]


60. Rome was not built in a day. [Tweet it]


61. Patience is the best remedy for grief. [Tweet it]


62. Patience is the art of hoping. [Tweet it]


63. Sell not virtue to purchase wealth. [Tweet it]


64. Sweet are the slumbers of virtue. [Tweet it]


65. virtue has its own reward. [Tweet it]


66. Sincerity is the soul of virtue. [Tweet it]


67. All lay the load on the willing hors. [Tweet it]


68. Do not spur a willing horse. [Tweet it]


69. If one will not, another will. [Tweet it]


70. Provoke not the rage of a patient man. [Tweet it]


71. An opportunity should not be missed. [Tweet it]


72. Cross the stream where it is shallowest. [Tweet it]


73. Early bird catches the worm. [Tweet it]


74. Words are but sands, it’s money that bugs land. [Tweet it]


75. it is hard to live in Rome and fight with the pope. [Tweet it]


76. Live with man, as if God saw you. [Tweet it]


77. Come with wind and go with water. [Tweet it]


78. What is got in the country is lost in the hundred. [Tweet it]


79. Once neglected is lost forever. [Tweet it]


80. Everyman is the architect of his own fortune. [Tweet it]


81. Fortune favours the brave, Fortune goes by favour. [Tweet it]


82. Everybody’s business is nobody’s business. [Tweet it]


83. it is only a drop in the ocean. [Tweet it]


84. Jack of all trades but master of none. [Tweet it]


85. Many cooks spoil the broth. [Tweet it]


86. Plenty makes dainty. [Tweet it]


87. To carry spices to India. [Tweet it]


88. Good mind, good find. [Tweet it]


89. Undaunted minds defy fortune. [Tweet it]


90. Sound mind in a sound body. [Tweet it]


91. Home keeping youths have homely wit. [Tweet it]


92. Miseries come by the pounds and go by the ounce. [Tweet it]


93. All grasp, all lose. [Tweet it]


94. Advance is the root of all evils. [Tweet it]


95. He that will have all, lose all. [Tweet it]


96. He that grasps at too much, holds nothing fast. [Tweet it]


97. The more you heap, the worse you reap. [Tweet it]


98. A habit is a shirt made of iron. [Tweet it]


99. Virtue alone is happiness. [Tweet it]


100. Haste makes waste. [Tweet it]


101. Haste is a poor apology. [Tweet it]


102. Hasty climbers have sudden falls. [Tweet it]


103. He stumbles that runs fast. [Tweet it]


104. Haste trips over its own heels. [Tweet it]


105. He helps little who helps not himself. [Tweet it365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


106. Dig a well before you are thirsty. [Tweet it]


107. Don’t cross a bridge until you come to it. [Tweet it]


108. In a fair weather prepare for foul. [Tweet it]


109. Draw not the bow before the arrow is fixed. [Tweet it]


110. Help a lame dog over a stile. [Tweet it]


111. Existence cannot be concealed. [Tweet it]


112. Make not your sail too large for your ship. [Tweet it]


113. Make hay while the sun shines. [Tweet it]


114. Set your sails as the wind blows. [Tweet it]


115. Honesty is paid but starves. [Tweet it]


116. Honesty is the best policy while dishonesty brings ruin. [Tweet it]


117. Every cloud has a silver lining. [Tweet it]


118. Humour is ingredient of happiness. [Tweet it]


119. A hare may draw a lion with a golden cord. [Tweet it]


120. An idle man tempts the devil. [Tweet it]


121. Ignorance has no lights. [Tweet it]


122. Ignorance augments our evils. [Tweet it]


123. A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan. [Tweet it]


124. A pious man struggles under difficulties while a rogue thrives. [Tweet it]


125. Jealousy arises from lack of confidence. [Tweet it]


126. Jest with an ass and he will flop you in the face with his tail. [Tweet it]


127. Good swimmers are of finest drowned. [Tweet it]


128. He cuts his own feet with an axe. [Tweet it]


129. He is caught in his own trap. [Tweet it]


130. Miss is as good as a mile. [Tweet it]


131. A silver key can open an iron lock. [Tweet it]


132. A golden dart kills where it pleases. [Tweet it]


133. Beauty is potent but money is omnipotent. [Tweet it]


134. Be ruled by him that bears the purse. [Tweet it]


135. Money can get any work done. [Tweet it]


136. Money is the best bait, to fish for a man with. [Tweet it]


137. Money talks. [Tweet it]


138. Ready money is ready machine. [Tweet it]


139. Lock your door that you may keep your neighbour honest. [Tweet it]


140. No one is rich enough to do without a neighbour. [Tweet it]


141. Never draw your dirk when a dint will do. [Tweet it]


142. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. [Tweet it]


143. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. [Tweet it]


144. Never venture nothing gain. [Tweet it]


145. Never spend your money before you have it. [Tweet it]


146. Never spit at the sun, it falls back on the face. [Tweet it]


147. Never tell all you know, not do all you can. [Tweet it]


148. Poor folks are glad of pottage. [Tweet it]


149. Sloth is the mother of poverty. [Tweet it]


150. The poor do penance for the follies of the strong. [Tweet it]


151. Power comes from sincere service. [Tweet it]


152. He who swells in prosperity will shrink in adversity. [Tweet it]


153. He robs his belly to provide for his back. [Tweet it]


154. Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun. [Tweet it]


155. A gig to the doctor, when cured. [Tweet it]


156. When a cow is old, she is soon sold. [Tweet it]


157. Ever stop to think, and forget to start again 😕 [Tweet it]


158. If at first you don�t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. [Tweet it]


159. It takes two to make quarrel. [Tweet it]


160. It takes two to make a bargain and two to break it. [Tweet it]


161. Unskillful workmen quarrel with their tools. [Tweet it]


162. Reality must be out. [Tweet it365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


163. Sweet water cannot flow from foul springs. [Tweet it]


164. What is in the pot, will come on the plate. [Tweet it]


165. A thiefs bags finds only dust. [Tweet it]


166. A pitcher that often goes to the well breaks at last. [Tweet it]


167. Frost and fraud both end in foul. [Tweet it]


168. Bred up a crow and he will pluck out your eyes. [Tweet it]


169. Bitter pills have Better effect. [Tweet it]


170. Do avil and look for liKe. [Tweet it]


171. Every tide has its Ebb. [Tweet it]


172. Out of frying pan into the fire. [Tweet it]


173. Scatter with one hand and gather with two. [Tweet it]


174. Venture upon nothing till you have well considered the results. [Tweet it]


175. Sadness and gladness succeed each other. [Tweet it]


176. Serve a great man and you will know what sorrow is. [Tweet it]


177. Sorrow’s best antidote is employment. [Tweet it]


178. Save when young, spend when old. [Tweet it]


179. Keep a secret, it is your slave. [Tweet it]


180. Seeing is believing. [Tweet it]


181. You cannot see wood for trees. [Tweet it]


182. Self-interest is the rule self-sacrifice the exception. [Tweet it]


183. Self help is the best help. [Tweet it]


184. The greatest conquest is the conquest of self. [Tweet it]


185. When everyone takes care of self, care is taken of all. [Tweet it]


186. He that hath no shame, hath no conscience. [Tweet it]


187. A cowl does not make a monk. [Tweet it]


188. Good sword had often been in poor scabbard. [Tweet it]


189. Barking dogs seldom bite. [Tweet it]


190. Distance lends enchantment to the view. [Tweet it]


191. One face to God and another to devil. [Tweet it]


192. Oxford knives and London wives. [Tweet it]


193. The cross on her breast and the devil in her heart. [Tweet it]


194. Silence pays. [Tweet it]


195. Silence is the best virtue. [Tweet it]


196. Silence is a gift without peril and a treasure without enemies. [Tweet it]


197. A closed mouth catches no flies. [Tweet it]


198. Fair words cost nothing but are worth much. [Tweet it]


199. Speak not rather than speak ill. [Tweet it]


200. Speech is the picture of mind. [Tweet it]


201. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. [Tweet it]


202. Success makes a fool look wise. [Tweet it]


203. Suspect a take-bearer and trust him not. [Tweet it]


204. Suspicion begets suspicion. [Tweet it]


205. A stitch in time saves nine. [Tweet it]


206. Better today than tomorrow. [Tweet it]


207. Better late than, never tomorrow. [Tweet it]


208. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. [Tweet it]


209. Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile. [Tweet it]


210. A small pack becomes a small pedlar. [Tweet it]


211. Everyone to his trade. [Tweet it]


212. Great toil, little work. [Tweet it]


213. A paul pry is ever uneasy. [Tweet it]


214. Unseen, unread. [Tweet it]


215. A green wound is soon healed. [Tweet it]


216. Setting down in writing is a lasting memory. [Tweet it]


217. Fine words butter no parsnipsSaying is one thing, doing another. [Tweet it]


218. Huff of one and advantage of another. [Tweet it]


219. Only a well-wisher gives an unsavory advice. [Tweet it]


220. Beauty is only skin deep. [Tweet it]


221. Beauty weeps and fortune enjoys. [Tweet it]


222. Fancy passeth beauty. [Tweet it]


223. Argus at home, but a mole abroad. [Tweet it]


224. Burning the candle at both ends. [Tweet it]


225. Subterfuges is the coward’s defense. [Tweet it]


226. It is dark under the lamp. [Tweet it]


227. Death’s day is doomsday. [Tweet it]


228. Crosses are ladders that lead to heaven. [Tweet it]


229. Death defies the doctor. [Tweet it]


230. Death is deaf and hears no denial. [Tweet it]


231. Dead man tells no tale. [Tweet it]


232. Dust thou art and shalt thou to dust return. [Tweet it]


233. Desperate cuts have desperate cures. [Tweet it]


234. A figure among ciphers. [Tweet it]


235. Among men some are pebbles. [Tweet it365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


236. In a calm sea everyone is a pilot. [Tweet it]


237. Rejoice not when enemy stumbleth. [Tweet it]


238. Coming events cast their shadow. [Tweet it]


239. Ever spare, ever bare. [Tweet it]


240. He will chime in with everything. [Tweet it]


241. Evil beginnings have wretched endings. [Tweet it]


242. Evill to him, who evil thinks. [Tweet it]


243. Frost and fraud both end in evil. [Tweet it]


244. Ill weeds grow apace. [Tweet it]


245. It is a long lane that has no turning. [Tweet it]


246. Cast not dirt in tha well that gives you water. [Tweet it]


247. If a man once falls, alt will tread upon him. [Tweet it]


248. All go to a fallen tree with their hatchet. [Tweet it]


249. A stumble prevents a fall. [Tweet it]


250. Remove the foundation, the super structure falls. [Tweet it]


251. While rising, you may trip. [Tweet it]


252. In for a penny, in for a pound [Tweet it]


253. Bread at pleasure, drink by measure. [Tweet it]


254. Diet cures more than the doctor. [Tweet it]


255. Wasps haunt the honey pot. [Tweet it]


256. A prince of all fools. [Tweet it]


257. Don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs. [Tweet it]


258. Don’t kick the ladder. [Tweet it]


259. Don’t haloo till you are out of wood. [Tweet it]


260. Don’t make a mountain of a mole hill. [Tweet it]


261. Don’t pour water on a drowned mouse. [Tweet it]


262. Fool’s haste is no speed. [Tweet it]


263. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. [Tweet it]


264. Knaves and fools never prosper. [Tweet it]


265. Learned fools are ruined even by their learning. [Tweet it]


266. Penny wise and pound foolish. [Tweet it]


267. He is as free as a wind. [Tweet it]


268. Gifts break rock. [Tweet it]


269. Give a clown your finger and he will take your whole hand. [Tweet it]


270. Give him in an inch and he will take an ell. [Tweet it]


271. Give a dog an ill name, and you may as well hang him. [Tweet it]


272. Give a thing and take again and you shall ride in hell’s wain. [Tweet it]


273. In prosperity gold, in adversity God. [Tweet it]


274. Man proposes, God disposes. [Tweet it]


275. Retribution belongs to God. [Tweet it]


276. Good and quickly seldom meet. [Tweet it]


277. Seek not a goodman’s pedigree. [Tweet it]


278. You spoil a good fish with a bad sauce. [Tweet it]


279. A great ship needs deep water. [Tweet it]


280. Great fishes eat up small ones. [Tweet it]


281. An uninvited guest is like a straw. [Tweet it]


282. An uninvited guest sits on thorns. [Tweet it]


283. A constant guest is never welcome. [Tweet it]


284. Habit is the second nature. [Tweet it]


285. Let dogs delight-to back and bite, for god had made them so. [Tweet it]


286. Haste and wisdom are things far different. [Tweet it]


287. Haste makes waste, waste makes want and want. [Tweet it]


288. makes strife between the good man and wife. [Tweet it]


289. More haste less speed. [Tweet it]


290. Most haste worst speed. [Tweet it]


291. Hatred does not cease by hatred. [Tweet it]


292. Health is wealth. [Tweet it]


293. Believe not all you hear, and tell not all you believe. [Tweet it]


294. Even walls have ears. [Tweet it]


295. Give every one thy ear but few thy voice. [Tweet it]


296. Hear all, but follow thy own counsel. [Tweet it]


297. It never rains but pours. [Tweet it]


298. Man lives by hope. [Tweet it]


299. While there is life there is hope [Tweet it]


300. Quit not certainly for hopes. [Tweet it]


301. He that exalts himself shall be humbled. [Tweet it]


302. Humility makes a man lovable to all [Tweet it]


303. If brain sows not corns, it plants thistle. [Tweet it]


304. Idle dogs worry sheep. [Tweet it]


305. Idle folks have most labour. [Tweet it]


306. Idle folks have the least leisure. [Tweet it]


307. Idle all day, she is going to spin at night. [Tweet it]


308. Slanders in jest prove serious injuries [Tweet it]


309. He who pardons the bad injures the good [Tweet it]


310. if jury say it is a cat, it must be so. [Tweet it]


311. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read. [Tweet it]


312. Kindness is that brings forth kindness always. [Tweet it]


313. A heron is a king among crows. [Tweet it]


314. A king’s favor is no inheritance. [Tweet it]


315. The king can do no wrong. [Tweet it]


316. Cut your coat, according to your cloth. [Tweet it]


317. Stretch your legs according to your coverlet. [Tweet it]


318. Stretch your arm no further. [Tweet it]


319. Charity begins at home. [Tweet it]


320. He who has horns on his bosom, [Tweet it]


321. let him not put them on his head. [Tweet it]


322. Fair is not fair but that which pleaseth. [Tweet it]


323. An accidental outcome, a mere coincidence. [Tweet it]


324. Man is known by the company he keeps. [Tweet it]


325. A house divided against itself cannot stand. [Tweet it]


326. Let by-gones be by-gones. [Tweet it]


327. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. [Tweet it]


328. Well begun is half done. [Tweet it]


329. Don’t be a baker if your head be made of butter. [Tweet it]


330. Don’t build castles in air. [Tweet it]


331. Don’t buy a pig in a poke. [Tweet it]


332. Don’t throw pearls before swines [Tweet it]


333. Don’t whip the old sores. [Tweet it]


334. Courtesy should never be accompanied by candour their death. [Tweet it]


335. So got so gone. [Tweet it]


336. Measure for measure. [Tweet it]


337. Set a thief to catch a thief. [Tweet it]


338. Regal honors have regal cares. [Tweet it]


339. A little pot is soon hot. [Tweet it]


340. A little rain will lay a great mud. [Tweet it]


341. Handsome is that handsome does. [Tweet it]


342. The more a gambler loses, the more he plays. [Tweet it]


343. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. [Tweet it]


344. Absence is to love what wind is to fire. [Tweet it]


345. Love does much, but money inore. [Tweet it]


346. There is no love without fear. [Tweet it]


347. A lean dog gets nothing but fleas. [Tweet it]


348. Cursed cows have short horns. [Tweet it]


349. From the frying pan into the fires. [Tweet it]


350. Luck never made a man wise. [Tweet it]


351. There is no flying against fate. [Tweet it]


352. Who knows nothing, doubts nothing. [Tweet it]


353. Zeal without knowledge is fire without light. [Tweet it]


354. Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. [Tweet it]


355. Each one takes care of number one. [Tweet it]


356. Don’t cry over spilt milk. [Tweet it]


357. When God helps no one can hinder. [Tweet it]


358. Better late than never. [Tweet it]


359. It is never too late to mend. [Tweet it]


360. Spend and God will send. [Tweet it]


361. Cleanliness is next to godliness. [Tweet it]


362. Idleness is the rust of mind. [Tweet it365 Days Latest Collection of Status for Facebook Profile


363. An idle brain is a box for the wind. [Tweet it]


364. God helps those who help themselves. [Tweet it]


365. Friendship with a fool is always dangerous. [Tweet it]