True Love SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook

True Love SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook: Love is magical and sweet, there is no doubt in it. Love is a world of endless wonders and you can tell. With love, there is no limit on how much affection can flow on your daily basis.And to increase this affection on a daily basis, sending words of love is one of those things that you have to do True Love SMS.

With this, I have written enough Sweet True Love SMS messages for you,  as you can send your boyfriend or girlfriends to make their day, and in return, you can strengthen the love bond between the two.

2018 09 23 064616 - True Love SMS for Whatsapp & Facebook

kab mileage apse ye khyal hum kate hai,apki dosti pe hum marte hai,ho na jaye pagal hum darte hai,kya kre apko miss jo itna krte hai

U look at her,she looks at u?


Love is when u both look at the world together and the world says
Don’t be disappointed if the person you love doesn’t love you..bcoz god has said “this is my world..Still,even i couldn’t make my own creation to love me”.
love Never Die

Lover Die every Moments

Which He Spend without His/Her Beloved

Love is endless

Love has different types and shape

But in any shape and types its marvels
When someone is so Sweet to u,
Don’t expect that they will be like that all the time..
co’z even the sweetest chocolate also EXPIRES…
“When some1 cares for us, we think they r boring us. Bt when we really need them, someone else have already liked their boring care!!” Realiz it b4 u lose.
A bell is not a bell untill sum1rings it…A song is not a song untill sum1 sings it…!!
Don’t hide ur true feeling coz love is not love untill sum1 reveals it
Taj banwaya shah jahan ne mumtaz k liye, sirf taj hi payar ka izhaar nahi hota, jo log duniya me taj nahi banwa sakte ,kya unka pyar, pyar nahi hota.
pal pal tare yaad aate hai, dil ko bahot talpate hai,dil tu jelata tare yaad ka bena, par saans tare yaad ka bat aate hai, i miss u so much
pyar chand ki tarah hota hai, agar badhege nahi to ghatne lagega.
girl- who is beautiful me or moon??
boy- i dont know.?
but i remember u when i see the moon & i forget the moon when i see u.
A lovely poem 4 u. Twinkle-2 little star, life mein friendship, thoda sa pyaar, enjoy of life, din hai chaar, miss u hamesha, keep smiling yaar.
Kya aapko pata h ki ICE CREAM aur WINE me kya difference hai? Simple h,ICE CREAM love ka STARTING point h aur WINE love ka END point h.
People who hate you,are just the confused admirers…
B’coz they can’t figue out the reason why everyone loves you…..

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